1. Promo Period is from August 26, 2017 to November 25, 2017.  This includes:

a. Services received by St. Peter Chapels on August 26, 2017 even if the death occurred on August 24 or 25, 2017.

b. All deaths which occurred from August 26, 2017 (subject to abovementioned [a]) up to November 25, 2017 even if St. Peter Chapels received the body of the deceased up to November 27, 2017.

2. The actual date of death will be the basis for the discount.

3. The promo is applicable only to At-Need and Upgraded Batesville Jasper Casket Memorial Services only. All other extra or additional services will be charged at regular rates.

4. The St. Peter Batesville Jasper Casket Memorial Service Package includes the following items:

a. Batesville Jasper Casket (210x71x60 cm as a standard., 18-gauge carbon steel casket that features a one-piece top/cover and continuous seam weld which is available in either White, Copper, Blue, and White/Pink  )

b. Retrieval of the remains from place of death

c. Embalming

d. 4 days viewing at St. Peter Chapels or 9 days for Home Viewing

e. Funeral transport to place of interment (burial)

5.  Partial services do not qualify as there must be a complete memorial service contracted. If the services are not completed and the completion of service is transferred to and continued in a non-St. Peter Chapel, the promo is not applicable.

6. The promo is not applicable to Pre-Need Services.

7. Pre-selling or reservation is not allowed. 

8. In relation to 4(d) provided above, the family may choose between viewing at St. Peter Chapels or Home Viewing. If the viewing rooms in the participating St. Peter Chapels are already fully occupied, home viewing shall be applicable. 

9. Extra charges on all other memorial services beyond those provided in No. 4 Batesville Jasper Casket Memorial Service Package such as additional viewing days, excess kilometer charges, medico legal services, etc. are not entitled to the 55% discount.

10. There shall be full payment of the memorial service balance before or in order for the family of the deceased can avail of or qualify for the 55% discount on Batesville Jasper Casket Memorial Service.

11. The 55% discount on Batesville Jasper Casket Memorial Services may be availed in selected St. Peter Chapels nationwide (please see list of participating St. Peter Chapels Nationwide).

12. The 55% discount may not be availed of in conjunction with other discounts and promos of St. Peter Chapels.


Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10194 Series of 2017




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