St. Peterians undergo Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training

Attended by 2 batches of Casket Factory Managers, Group Chapel Managers, Chapel Managers, IT Supervisors and selected Head Office employees, the BOSH training
is a 5-day intensive training on the recognition of job hazards, learning of safe work practices and identification of preventive measures in order to reduce occupational risk of injury and disease. The participants are also taught laws and policies governing the Occupational Safety and Health Standards promulgated under the Labor Code of
the Philippines mandated by the Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE). The BOSH principles and practices are the foundational knowledge requirements applicable in all industries.
Occupational Safety is the joint responsibility of the government, the employer and the employee. Safety is everyone’s responsibility; however, it is the management’s
responsibility to form and implement safety training programs that are meant to keep employees safe and well. The company does not only seek to be the leading Death Care Expert but also to improve the culture of safety and health welfare in the organization.
Among many other reasons, health and safety in the workplace is very important because it is one of the ways to keep employees motivated. The productivity of the organization will also automatically increase when employees know that their environment is safe. With a safe environment, employees will only have to worry about giving their best. This is how St. Peter also ensures that they are only giving their best to their valued customers.


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