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Be Fit this New Decade!

To kick off the start of a new decade, St. Peter Head Office employees underwent their Annual Physical Examination (APE) last January 17, 2020. The APE is conducted at the start of the year to ensure that employees are healthy physically fit after the long Christmas holiday. 

It is always necessary to check the general status of one’s health and APE is one way of detecting any underlying health condition of a person which may be a cause of concern and which may require immediate treatment or care.  

The APE for Head Office employees was arranged by Corporate Training and Recruitment Manager Cecil Basconcillo and conducted by Hi-Precision Diagnostics. Our Branch and Chapel employees also underwent their APEs from January 21 to 27, 2020 at Valuecare-accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide. 

All APE results for Head Office employees are examined and evaluated by our medical consultant, Dra. Bernadette Bringas. Results are discussed with the employees individually. They are given medical recommendations on how to improve their physical health and in case of a health problem, the employee is immediately advised for further observation or treatment. 

Through the Annual Physical Examination, St. Peterians are encouraged to be healthy and consciously maintain a fit lifestyle. At The start of the new decade we have plenty of time to set new goals and aspirations to stay physically fit. There are popular programs that you can try to find out which one will work out for you. Let us all consider that this 2020 is the time for a new beginning, for us to be fit to say “New Decade, New Me.”