Facilities and Amenities

Viewing Rooms

St. Peter Chapels are furnished with spacious, modern, elegantly designed and eBurol-equipped* viewing rooms that can accommodate up to 150 people!

Casket Showroom

St. Peter Chapels also offers a wide variety of local and imported wood and metal caskets that are of excellent quality and at par with the best caskets in the world.

Funeral Vehicles

St. Peter Chapels provides its customers with luxurious transportation aboard its top-of-the-line fleet of Starex and Suburban Van hearses (as funeral coaches, flower cars and family cars) for the funeral processions to interments.

Viewing Equipment

St. Peter Chapels provides its customers with stylish and contemporary chandeliers, curtains and viewing equipment for a pleasing and more dignified wake and memorial service for their departed loved ones.