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The COVID-19 pandemic has made mass gatherings more difficult, and which has posed a challenge to religious sects and congregations worldwide. In these trying times of financial, physical, mental and emotional struggle and amidst our fight against this deadly virus, the St. Peterian value of UNLAD or Unahin Natin Lagi ang Diyos prove to be most important as we rely heavily on our faith to pull us through. 

In order to provide the spiritual needs not just of St. Peterians but also of Filipinos, St. Peter has turned to Facebook to make its Healing Mass and Monday Prayer Meetings available to the world. Led by Dr. Mildred V. Vitangcol and in collaboration with Marketing Department, Information Technology Department, and St. Peter Community, these online initiatives will forge a deeper connection between God and St. Peterians.

The St. Peter Prayer Meeting is aired live every Monday at 8 o’clock in the morning on the St. Peter Community Facebook Page and mirrored on the St. Peter Life Plan and Chapels Facebook Page for wider reach and greater engagement. Renowned inspirational speaker and religious coach Bro. Obet Cabrillas of the Feast Valle Verde graced its premiere episode last April 20, 2020. Each meeting, different resource persons are featured as Moderator, Sharer, Reader; and a Priest or Pastor to do homily and expound on the word of God

Brothers and sisters in faith can also join the St. Peter Talitha Kum Healing Mass at 9 o’clock in the morning every Sunday on the St. Peter Community Facebook Page and on the St. Peter Life Plan and Chapels Facebook Page. Rev. Fr. Joselito M. Irlandes celebrated the mass on its pilot webisode last May 10, 2020. 

We hope our dear employees will continue to attend diligently our online prayer meetings and invite friends and family to join by sharing the post by SMS, Messenger, Email or by hosting a Watch Party on Facebook. A significant part of our company values in St Peter Group is our spiritual growth and development as individuals to enhance our work teams. This helps us improve on our work ethics in serving our clients and make more meaningful interpersonal relations among our professional colleagues, most especially our clients and their families.

The reality is that this pandemic will pass; maybe not today, but soon. We will come to a day when this crisis has run its course and life comes back to the way before COVID-19 came. We believe that our prayers in the digital world resound to the heavens. Our merciful and loving God hears us.